Amargo wood and Tiger wood laminated

Dining table suitable for 6-8 people

85cm average width x 2.4m in length

This rare wood is from a fresh water lake in Panama, submerged underwater for decades and parts of Nicaragua. Finished with natural plant oils and antique wax polish. Has 4 butterflies in Zapatero.

We can do in Lamination or in our triple designs having 5mm separation line.

Are laminated slabs have wooden dowels within and we only use boat epoxy for glue.

Price: $4700

Our rediscovered wood slab collections are ethically harvest and are salvaged from fresh water lakes in Central America. No two slabs are the same. Grains, color and natural characteristics are different with every slab, making each piece unique. We have a regularly changing inventory of sizes and species. Contact us for options.

Available in custom sizes and finishes. Hand built to order, signed and numbered by the maker Reduxwood and Certificate of Authenticate.

We ship hassle-free door to door