Each tree is harvested by Native divers with hydraulic saws who cut the standing trees at the bottom of the lake and take them to shore for processing. After the trees have been cut into slabs and allowed to air dry naturally the texture of the wood gradually reveals itself. Each piece has acquired its own signature characteristics of shape, width, length, colour and grain. Thus it can be honestly said that there are no two pieces alike.

When we at Redux Wood first came upon these hardwoods we realized that we had found a very rare product which required special attention to do honour to the amazing qualities which the decades have imparted to our wood. When the lakes were originally created by man there was no understanding of the precious natural resource which the world’s tropical rainforests represent. The trees themselves had no real value so it was cheaper to flood the valleys without first harvesting the wood. The flooded trees died and over the ensuing years were considered nothing more than nuisances as navigational hazards. And yet, over the decades, the trees endured, slowly changing over time through natural mineral and biological processes.

At our facility we approach each piece separately, first appraising its qualities and limitations before beginning to work with the wood. We take a minimalist hand-crafted approach because there is no other way to do justice to the wood. It simply takes time. First we hand plane each piece to get a better sense of grain and texture. Then we slowly sand the piece finer and finer, revealing the hidden beauty of the wood. Then we settle on a finishing technique that normally entails a time- and labour-intensive multi-coat application of a combination of natural oils and waxes which deepens and extends grain and colour. The time we take in completing each piece varies from one to two months or more, depending on the size and species of wood. We get to know each piece as if it were a friend and the result is always something we are proud of.

The characteristics of UnderWaterWood means that each piece is a collector’s item that will have a special meaning to its owner. Each piece is registered in our archives and comes with a certificate of authenticity that can be verified through the archives.

If you love fine wood and want the best and rarest of the worlds’ great woods, then we may have what you want. Currently we have in stock a large selection comprising five species of UnderWaterWood: Central American Walnut; White Mahogany; Dragon Wood and Amargo. Samples of all of these woods are shown on our website: www.reduxwood.com. We invite you to have a look for yourself

So, that’s our story. That’s UnderWaterWood.