Our Wood and Story

We specialize in unique and rare wood, acquiring species from around the world.  We have been the first to introduce many species of wood to South East Asia and continue to do so.  Our ability to source rare woods – reclaimed, underwater, live-edge and ethically harvested varieties, makes our company totally different from others.

For our live-edge wood program we have in stock, dried and ready for use, over 350 slabs of reclaimed, underwater live-edge tropical hardwoods and non-reclaimed species in various sizes and qualities.  We comb the world to secure the best and rarest of hardwoods so our inventory is constantly changing.

Our underwater reclaimed wood species offer Stability & Durability. Reclaimed wood offers a stability unavailable in new, even kiln-dried wood. Because it is mostly dense-grain, old-growth material, reclaimed wood is harder and more durable than new lumber. Also the trees have been dormant for decades so all the natural stresses are gone.

Species currently in stock include White Mahogany, Central American Walnut, Dragon wood, Amargo, Tiger wood, Bastogne Walnut and others.

Standard sizes very from 8cm to 20cm thickness x 65cm up to 1.10m widths x 2m to 4.5m+ in lengths and Blocks 20cm x 20cm and up.

Our trading group focuses on all Canadian and USA hardwoods and softwoods. South and Central American hardwoods and softwoods. We are also working with European mills for various wood species and programs.